Replacing your windows

If you recently started educating yourself about replacement windows, we know it can be overwhelming. At Veracity Window and Door, we are here to help. We offer locations in Corona, for your convenience. Our specialists will come to your home and discuss what you're looking for, and show you all of your options for brand new replacement windows.

Professional Installation: Ensuring Your Windows Perform Perfectly

In addition to the type and style of window affecting the overall look, and the glass affecting the overall energy-efficiency, it's the installation of the window that can be the most important part of window replacement. When getting estimates for window replacement, it's important to ask how the window is going to be installed, inquire about the quality of materials that will be used, and ask if the technicians/installers are experienced and certified putting in replacement windows. If your windows are not installed correctly, you might as well leave the windows open.

Quality Replacement Windows & Latest Installation Methods

It's important for Southern California homeowners to know the different ways a window can be replaced. Windows are your protection from the elements: heat, cold, U-V lightwind, rain, mold, moisture, etc. Newer installation methods are more advanced and designed to keep these elements out.

Discover how Veracity Window and Door delivers not only the best products, but the advantage of expert installation, so your replacement windows provide all the benefits you want for your Corona area home. Schedule an in-home appointment with us today!

What Is Your Ideal Home Style?

We want to help you find the right windows no matter the home style. 

When faced with an abundance of window styles, types, materials, and other options to consider, replacing your windows can feel overwhelming. No matter if your project is an individual window replacement or part of a more extensive renovation, our experts are here to help you explore your options and find the right solutions for your project.

Cape Cod

This style is common among historic homes built in the 1700’s on the East Coast and in New England. Originally designed to help fend off harsh winters, Cape Cod architecture is also beloved for its classic, cozy appearance, making it a favorite in Southern California communities like Coronado, Newport Beach, La Jolla and Irvine.


There are many variations of what is considered modern home architecture from European Modern, first designed by Le Corbusier to the Coastal variations found in Del Mar and Huntington Beach. This style typically incorporates natural light into the design of the home by utilizing large windows and doors that often work together with other elements, such as metal, rock or exposed wood. Many different variations of this style are popular and present in areas like Costa Mesa, Mission Viejo, La Jolla, Del Mar and Rancho Santa Fe.


This style is popular in Southern California for obvious reasons: the easy access from the front to the back of the house, arching doors and windows, and simple but elegant design. Spanish style homes are quite prevalent in inland communities like Lake Elsinore, Escondido or Rancho Santa Fe, as well as in coastal communities like Dana Point, San Clemente and Point Loma.


Tudor homes were an early colonial and English style that offered a different look from Cape Cod style architecture. Tudor is often distinguished by the use of natural light along with dark features and elements. While few of these homes are present in Southern California, some of the best examples can be found in areas such as Mission Hills, Point Loma, Del Mar, San Juan Capistrano and Rancho Santa Margherita.

Manufacturer Certified Installation

Veracity Window and Door is the only authorized Infinity® from Marvin® retailer and installer in Southern California. We are certified and trusted by Marvin to install their products the right way.

Installing high quality replacement windows and doors is not a “DIY” project. When you purchase Infinity products from us, you are guaranteed that your new window or door will be installed by factory trained employee installers whose quality of work meets the high level of installation standards established by Marvin. Marvin trusts us to install their quality products; you can trust us too.


Replacement/Insert Windows

The most common approach to replacing windows is a window insert. Insert window replacement is where the original window frame is left inside the wall cavity, and a new window with a frame is custom built to fit inside the existing window frame opening. Insert window replacement is more expensive than sash replacement but usually more economical than full frame replacement. The team at Veracity Window and Door works tirelessly to offer our customers the right window built with high quality materials that is then expertly installed by our factory trained employee installers.

If your exterior trim work is in good shape, it does not need to be replaced. If you have a moisture or rot problem on your trim, covering it up with the capping process (when a a thin metal layer over your existing trim) is not recommended. Homeowners can completely replace the exterior trim (sill, nosing, brick moulding) with composite materials like fiber cement, milled PVC, or Miratec.


Full frame/New construction

Full Frame Window Replacement is necessary if the air and moisture barriers where the windows were initially installed are broken, or if the existing window frames have rotted. In a Full Frame Replacement, all interior casing and exterior trim must be removed, replaced, and re-finished in most cases. The siding or stucco on the exterior of the home must be cut back to correctly add the flashing systems that manage heat transfer, moisture, and air around the window. Proper methods of installation and all premium materials must be used.

What You Can Expect

You trust us with making your home look beautiful and complete. We don’t take that trust lightly. Here’s what you can expect while working with Veracity Window and Doors.

Setting Up Your Appointment

  • Within 24 hours of receiving your contact form or phone call, one of our team members will call to discuss your project needs and identify how Veracity Window and Door can best fit your vision and budget.
  • After learning more about your project, we will set up an appointment to have one of our highly-trained window and door consultations come to your home to do an initial survey and measurements.

Finalizing the Details

  • During our first visit, your Veracity Window and Door consultant will answer any questions you may have about window and/or door styles, materials, and features. They will also walk you through the window and/or door options they feel best suit your home style and project budget, and maximize your views while upgrading your home.
  • Once you’ve selected a window and/or door option that’s just right for you, our consultant will do final measurements and prepare a straightforward proposal for you to review. (If you’d like to learn more about our financing options, just ask our consultant!)

Getting the Best Deal For You

  • Window and/or door replacement or upgrades are a wise investment in not only the value of your home, but also in the energy efficiency and cost-saving potential that will result!
  • Our proposal will include every cost necessary to complete the project to your specifications. If you have a question about anything, we are here to walk you through what our team has come up with.

Beginning the Project

  • If you decide after reviewing the proposal that you would only like to move forward with a portion of the window and/or door installation, we are happy to adjust the proposal for you.
  • Once you’re happy with the project cost and timeline, Veracity Window and Door will begin crafting your new window and/or doors.
  • As your materials near completion, one of our helpful team members will contact you to set up an installation time with our factory trained employee installers.

Installing Your New Addition

  • At Veracity Window and Door, we always treat our customer’s home as if it were the boss’s. Our factory trained employee installers will walk through the details of their visit to your home, including what they will be doing and how long you can expect the project to take.
  • We will lay down protective coverings where needed and do final measurement checks before installation.
  • As our installers work, they will keep your home tidy and settle for nothing less than perfection.
  • Once your windows and/or doors are installed, our installation team will do a thorough cleaning of your new additions. We will then walk you through all the features and functions of your new windows and/or doors.

Let Us Know How We Did

Our goal is to provide superior service during every minute of your time with us. We will send you a customer survey to complete after we wrap up your project. Your feedback will help us ensure that our team provides a stellar customer experience in the future!

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