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More light with Less Frame is what makes us better. Infinity from Marvin’s will provide More Viewable Glass with thinner luxurious frames. Transform the appearance of your Carmel Valley home with Our Elegant Replacement Window designs. We guarantee that you will stop every time and admire how beautiful they look in your Carmel Valley home. You won’t just look through our windows without noticing them. You will pat yourself on the back every time for the best decision you will ever make for your house.

Infinity from Marvin is a manufacturing leader when compared to other window replacement companies in Carmel Valley, CA. Infinity from Marvin ULTREX® windows is Made in America and manufactured by a company that has been proudly serving homeowners nationwide for over one hundred years.

JD Powers and Associates has rated Infinity from Marvin windows number ONE in Customer Satisfaction compared to other replacement window and patio door brands. Why not ensure peace of mind, buy from an award-winning company, and feel confident that you are getting award-winning windows?

Infinity windows are Energy Star approved and have the highest energy-efficient ratings from AAMA. Proprietary ULTREX® replacement window finish is the first and the only one to have achieved AAMA 624 verification and is the highest rated in the industry. They are four times stronger than aluminum windows, eight times stronger than any vinyl window, three and a half times stronger than vinyl/wood composites (Fibrex®). We strongly believe that ULTREX® is the perfect fit for window replacement in Carmel Valley, CA.

Open up your home to the sunlight and improve your curb appeal with the new bay windows, bow windows, picture windows, casement windows, or double-hung windows with the preferred Carmel Valley window replacement experts. At Veracity Window and Door, we also offer an array of fixed windows and specialty windows, all equipped with our high-quality window features.

The Most Professional Installation

Replacement Window Installation Leaders

The patented proprietary co-extruded acrylic finish provided by Marvin Infinity ULTREX® replacement windows is fade-resistant and virtually maintenance-free. Homeowners in Carmel Valley, CA, can choose from more colors, styles, hardware options, wood grain options, and design options than ever before. Veracity Window and Door, your Carmel Valley window replacement specialists, will allow you to choose your own unique custom ULTREX® window designs.

Don’t forget that Infinity from Marvin ULTREX frames resist cracking, peeling, warping, bending, or leaking and are as strong as steel. They are built for life to stay fixed and true.

Our replacement window installation department has over forty years combined as factory-trained window replacement professionals, and we are proud to provide the best installation experience in the world. To ensure the best possible experience and installation for our valued customers, we use the window professionals who are our company employees, not subcontractors.

Our superior windows carry a transferrable Lifetime Warranty on the replacement windows and on our installation work, which is active for as long as you own your Oceanside home.

Are you familiar with window replacement companies that are overburdened with service calls? For us, service calls are a rare occasion! That’s because we have the best replacement windows that you can put in your home, and another reason is that we employ the highest quality installation teams in Oceanside. In the rare situation, if a customer requires service, we can usually be at your home within 24 hours and give it a top priority.

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Window Glass Options

Choosing energy-efficient glass options can have a big impact on your home’s comfort. Your Infinity window replacement consultant can talk you through your options and specific climate needs to find the right glass for your home.


Window Operation

Window Functionality

Windows can crank open, glide open or lift open — so think about functionality for your specific room. Since window styles offer a varying amount of ventilation, be sure to consider just how much airflow you need in your space.

Window Cleaning

Easy Cleaning

Let’s be honest, window cleaning isn’t always the first priority around the house, but when company is expected it can rise to the top of the list. Infinity offers features that allow you to easily clean the exterior of your casement or double-hung style windows from inside your home — saving you time on a ladder.


Wood Windows

Love the Look of Wooden Windows

Match your existing woodwork or take your home in a new design direction with EverWood, our breakthrough engineered wood stain interior finish. Everwood offers natural looks and texture – it looks, feels, paints, and stains like wood — but is completely low-maintenance. Match’s the look of a wood frame window perfectly.

Explore Your Options

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Call today and explore all your options. Whether in-home or through a virtual consultation, local Infinity experts are here to help make your window replacement experience stress-free.


Window Features

Exterior View

Interior View

Features and Benefits

  • 8x stronger than any vinyl – protects the integrity of your home
  • 3.5x stronger than Vinyl/Wood Composites (Fibrex®)
  • Expands 87% less than vinyl – resists expanding and contracting in any climate
  • Resistant to leaks, seal failures, and stress cracks – all things that can affect energy efficiency
  • More Glass with less bulky frames, Ultrex’s strength delivers narrow window and door profiles for expanded views and more natural daylight
  • Only Infinity from Marvin adds a proprietary acrylic finish that prevents our window from ever fading, cracking, or peeling and remains free of maintenance for a lifetime.
  • Sound reduction glass to keep your home secure and free from outside noise.
  • Lifetime Warranty

More Options to Choose

  • Choose from 7 exterior colors and 5 interior colors that are factory finish, or you can choose your own custom color.
  • Our Everwood finish looks, feels, and acts just like a beautiful wood window without all the repainting and heavy maintenance of a wood window. Match’s the look of a wood frame window perfectly.
  • Our Ultrex fiberglass construction replicates the look of traditional wood windows with the choice of 8 different wood stain options. Even though it has the look of wood, it has the strength of steel and has great energy efficiency. Making Infinity from Marvin the ultimate window replacement for your Southern California home!
  • Choose from a variety of hardware colors. We offer a complete collection of styles, features, and options to complement any home window replacement.

Material Matter

Material Comparison Chart, as you can see from the chart produced by Stork Technimet/Testing Corporation an independent engineering study. ULTREX® outperforms all competitor window quality by up to 8 times.


Material Comparison Chart

References: Stork Technimet/Testing Corporation: #0602-15293, #0512-14889, #0704-19702, #TCT006638P. Precision Measurements and Instruments Corporation: #13043-DS. Tecton: # ESP010521P, “Test Results for Fibrex and Ultrex”. Plastics Engineering Handbook of the Society of Plastics Industry, Inc. Fifth Edition. Andersen Fibrex Manual: “A High Performance, High-Value Biofiber Polymer Composite Technology”. Renewal By Andersen: “Fibrex Material: A Better Alternative, A Better Window”. LD = Longitudinal Direction * Highest rate of thermal conductivity shown. Test results range from .10 – .13 for vinyl/wood composite (Fibrex) and .09 – .12 for Ultrex.

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Evaluating window material options

The best products are made from the best materials. Here is a list of common materials for replacement windows and doors.

Infinity’s ULTREX® Fiberglass

Our proprietary ULTREX® Fiberglass is an innovative material pioneered over 20 years ago, making it one of the first premium composites on the market. ULTREX® fiberglass replacement windows and doors continue to deliver strength, stability, and durability. Our proprietary acrylic finish is three times thicker than the competition.

Other fiberglass windows

The strength and durability of fiberglass make it a good option for replacement windows and doors. Not all fiberglass materials are the same — and finishes can vary across manufacturers. Some have poor mat finish’s and others are made very brittle and none have the strength durability and high quality of ULTREX®.

Infinity from Marvin is the only window manufacturers with the state of the art patented pultruded fiberglass process combined with the patented acrylic finish. The proprietary ULTREX® finish is the highest rated in the industry the first and the only one to have achieved AAMA 624 verification. That is why ULTREX® is the best choice for Del Mar window replacement.



While vinyl is frequently the cheapest option, vinyl windows and doors can warp, peel, shift, and crack under everyday conditions. Vinyl has the lowest ratings for Flexural Modulus and highest ratings for expansion and contraction. Vinyl will expand 8 times more than the glass that it surrounds which can lead to seal failure.


Wood windows offer more strength, stability, and beauty than vinyl, but they tend to require more maintenance than other window materials.

Vinyl/wood composites

Vinyl/wood composites like Fibrex® are made from vinyl infused with wood fibers (sawdust). Fibrex® isn’t fiberglass. Fibrex® is a registered trademark of Andersen Corporation.


Aluminum is stronger than most other materials used to manufacture windows except ULTREX® Aluminum does not crack or peel like vinyl and is paintable. There is not a lot of maintenance with aluminum windows. The challenge with an aluminum window replacement is it is not very attractive, it is a soft metal so it still expands 3 times more than the glass which can lead to seal failure and aluminum can also transfer the heat and cold which can defeat the purpose of effective energy efficiency. Click here to see how ULTREX compares to vinyl and other composite window materials.

Premium Quality

Infinity® products are designed to replicate the look of traditional wood windows and doors while providing modern features and low-maintenance performance. Made out of Ultrex®, Infinity®windows and doors are customized to meet your house’s needs of replacement windows while giving you the longevity and toughness to withstand the harsh California weather. All vinyl products distort in extreme heat or eventually chalk and crack in California’s sunny fluctuating temperatures. Infinity® window and door products offer the highest level of performance and are virtually maintenance-free due the patented Ultrex®material allowing you to do your replacement window project once.

Details Matter

Infinity® products incorporate the details of traditional wood windows without all the usual maintenance and failures of wood materials. The advanced design of Infinity® products combine easy cleaning features and effortless operation, making them an easy choice for busy homeowners! Our patented, co-adhesive bonded finish is up to 3x thicker than competitive painted finishes, and the Ultrex®coating system is AAMA 624-10 verified, meaning our commercial grade finish resists the harshest weather conditions Mother Nature offers; a claim our competitors can’t match.

What Our Customers are Saying

Great Job Folks, Thanks to the entire crew for a job well done! Our windows and sliding glass door were Manufactured, Transported & Installed by a team of fantastic professionals! The quality of service was excellent and the quality of the product installed is magnificent worth every penny! Our home is warm and cozy we are happily saving energy.

Miranda D.

Our salesman and lead installer demonstrated extreme knowledge in the “infinity” line of windows. Installation of four windows went smoothly in one day. They made sure the windows opened easily before they left and were through with cleanup. Thanks

Peralta F.

The door was recommended by my son and they followed through on the most beautiful door. I was extremely satisfied that they finished it off so fast. The facing around the door looks really good. I used to have a drape pulled across the door but I threw it away because it’s a beautiful door and I like looking at it every day.

- Patty Thorne, El Cajon CA