ULTREX® Sliding Windows

ULTREX® Windows Benefits

  • Elegant windows with narrow profiles that will truly enrich the beauty of your home while providing more visible glass, more natural light delivering to you a fresh beautiful view. Because we don’t just look through our windows we look to see how beautiful they look in our home.
  • Because of the strength and quality of ULTREX® with 3 layer Acrylic capping your windows will continue to keep their beauty and elegance for decades without fading.
  • Custom Casement Windows, you can customize your own personal color, hardware, grill patterns, glass options, and window styles.

Sliding Windows Operating Features

Infinity® Slider windows sometimes referred to as Gliding Windows do just what their name implies – they slide from left to right as opposed to up and down. Some of their features include:

  • Sash rollers provide effortless operation.
  • Cleaning the glass in the Infinity Slider window is simple, with tilt latches that allow you to remove the operating sash for easy access.
  • Available in equal and non-equal sash options.
  • A fusion-welded sash and mainframe structure for added strength and rigidity.
  • Tough, extra-thick extrusion walls provide the ultimate in welding strength.
  • Multi-wall extrusion for superior welding strength.
  • Hidden screen track produces clean lines and added beauty.
  • Double-barrier weather stripping for superior protection from air and water infiltration.
  • Nylon-encased dual brass roller system.
  • Theft deterrent locks.
Sliding Window

Out Performs All Other Windows

  • Only ULTREX® Is 8 Times Stronger than Vinyl, Strong as Steel & Built For Life
  • Our elegant narrow profile windows outperform all other windows brands. The narrow profile of our Gliding windows beats all competitors in energy efficiency, durability, strength, quality, and most of all appearance.
  • Infinity Windows utilize the patented ULTREX® coextruded process combining Infinity’s 3 layers patented acrylic finish to create windows as strong as steel. Only Infinity from Marvin ads a patented 3 layer of acrylic that keeps the finish looking as beautiful as the day they are installed for decades to come.
  • ULTREX® strength provides a much more narrow elegant profile for larger views.
  • Designed with all the character and traditional details of wood windows with a sleek frame for contemporary appeal.
  • Rated #1 in Appearance, Design & Customer Satisfaction In Sliding Door Manufacturer Brands.
  • Tested for 25 years with absolutely no ceil failure. The benefit to homeowners is sliding windows so energy efficient It’s backed with a lifetime transferable warranty.

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Home Window Replacement

Specializing in home window replacement results in elegant quality sliding glass window designs that will truly enrich the beauty of your home. These elegant narrow frames provide more glass and more natural light, for a fresh beautiful view. You will stop every time to admire how beautiful our sliding windows look in your home.

Sliding glass windows, and double sliding windows have two sashes that open from the center with a center stile, offering a wide, unobstructed pane of glass. This custom option is hinged on each side and can operate with a single, easy-to-reach handle. Double casement windows are elegant and can greatly boost your home’s look and feel.

Wood Windows

Premium Sliding Windows

Sliding Window Panels are sometimes referred to as gliding windows. Sliding windows slide open with to enjoy a cool breeze and wide-open views, without worrying about a window opening into your outdoor living space or landscaping. We’ve designed the Infinity Glider to seal tightly against water and wind so you’ll enjoy a breeze only when you want to

Infinity from Marvin’s exclusive automatic locking system features an easy-to-reach hide-away handle that blends seamlessly into the sash. One hand easily unlocks and opens the window, and automatic locking when closed provides convenience with added peace of mind. Choose from two or three operational panels across or a combination of operational and stationary panels for different sizes and operating needs.

Energy Efficient Sliding Windows

Sliding Windows So Energy Efficient It’s Backed With a Lifetime Transferable Warranty

Specializing in energy efficient windows that have the highest ratings in the industry. Low E2 has two layers of metallic coating. It also blocks 84% of the sun’s UV rays to reduce fading. Low E3 has three layers of metallic coating. It also blocks up to 95% of the sun’s damaging UV rays. Low E3/ERS provides maximum efficiency year-round in all conditions. Low E3/ERS has four layers of metallic coating.

Black Windows

Sliding Windows Styles

Ergonomically designed handle-placement takes advantage of your natural body movement and our sash roller system for effortless operation. Our tilt latch makes cleaning from inside your home simple and easy – slide the sash open, operate the tilt latch, remove the operating sash, clean, and reinsert.

Sliding windows open horizontally with a clean, space-saving design. these have one or more operating sashes combined with stationary sashes for an easy-to-use, versatile window.

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What Our Customers are Saying

Great Job Folks, Thanks to the entire crew for a job well done! Our windows and sliding glass door were Manufactured, Transported & Installed by a team of fantastic professionals! The quality of service was excellent and the quality of the product installed is magnificent worth every penny! Our home is warm and cozy we are happily saving energy.

Miranda D.

Our salesman and lead installer demonstrated extreme knowledge in the “infinity” line of windows. Installation of four windows went smoothly in one day. They made sure the windows opened easily before they left and were through with cleanup. Thanks

Peralta F.

The door was recommended by my son and they followed through on the most beautiful door. I was extremely satisfied that they finished it off so fast. The facing around the door looks really good. I used to have a drape pulled across the door but I threw it away because it’s a beautiful door and I like looking at it every day.

- Patty Thorne, El Cajon CA