Custom Wood Windows

Jeld-Wen Custom Wood Window and Patio Door Options

Introducing Veracity Window and Door’s exclusive collection of Jeld-Wen Custom Windows. Meticulously designed for superior quality, Custom Windows series is expertly tailored to complement the unique style of your home.

Auralast Wood Surface

As a proud dealer of Jeld-Wen’s custom wood window line, we are committed to upholding Jeld-Wen’s legacy of environmental stewardship. Jeld-Wen’s custom wood windows are crafted with a focus on efficient use of natural resources, reflecting Jeld-Wen’s dedication to sustainability. Jeld-Wen prioritizes minimizing waste in both ecological and business terms, ensuring that Jeld-Wen’s products meet high performance standards while also caring for our communities and environment.

Only JELD-WEN offers window and door products made with natural AuraLast® pine. This unique material emits 96% fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during manufacturing compared to traditional methods used by other companies. AuraLast is crafted with a safer, water-based solution, making it easier to handle than harsh solvent-based treatments.

Experience All-Season Comfort with SunResist™ Low-E Insulating Home Window Glass

Jeld-Wen Custom Wood SunResist Glass

SunResist™ glass keeps your home comfortable year-round by reflecting heat in summer and retaining warmth in winter. With its triple-coated Low-E design, it also protects your interior from sun-fading and reduces condensation around windows. Perfect for all climates, especially warmer areas, it blocks over 90% of UV rays and is ENERGY STAR® certified for Southern and South-Central zones. 

Features & Benefits:

Jeld-Wen’s Glass Protection: Jeld-Wen’s Custom™ Wood styles come standard with a protective film applied to both sides of the glass, safeguarding against debris and scratches during shipping and handling. Easy to remove, it saves time on cleanup after installation.

Dirt-Resistant Innovation: Harnessing the power of the sun’s UV rays, this innovative option loosens dirt from the glass, allowing rainwater to effortlessly rinse away grime without manual intervention.

Enhanced Safety with Tempered Glass: Engineered to withstand greater force or pressure, tempered glass is treated with heat to ensure it won’t break into sharp pieces. Frequently used on patio doors or windows near floor level, it enhances safety and durability.

Explore Custom Wood Windows: Window Designs, Finishes, and Hardware Options

Explore the possibilities of Custom Wood Windows: a range of window designs, finishes, and hardware selections tailored to your preferences.

Contact us today for a complimentary quote, and let our experts assist you in finding the ideal solution for your home.

Casement Windows: Add a touch of elegance to your home with these stylish windows. They offer the best viewing areas, structural strength, and ventilation among operating windows. Plus, they’re easy to use with a swinging motion.

Double Hung Windows: With upper and lower sashes that slide vertically in a single frame, cleaning is made simple with inward tilting sashes. Plus, discover our range of large-scale double hung windows for added versatility and charm in your home.

Pocket Windows: Switching out old, drafty windows for JELD-WEN® double-hung, casement, or awning pocket replacement windows is an easy way to elevate your home.

Awning: Designed to seamlessly complement a range of architectural styles, these versatile windows are hinged at the top and open outward from the bottom in an upward swing

Sliding Window: Sliding windows provide ventilation without occupying extra space when opened. They feature one fixed sash and another that smoothly slides to the right or left.

Fixed, Radius and Geometric: Opt for Jeld-Wen’s fixed, radius, and geometric windows to enhance your home’s architectural charm or capture breathtaking views. These windows come in fixed (direct set or in-sash) or operating units, available in various standard shapes and sizes. For a truly distinctive appearance, explore our custom design options.

Jeld-Wen Custom Wood Bedroom Casement Window

Jeld-Wen’s Custom Wood Interior and Exterior Options

Interior Wood Options

Jeld-Wen Custom Wood Interior Trim Options

Exterior Wood Options

Jeld-Wen Custom Wood Color Options
Jeld-Wen Custom Wood Exterior Trim Options
Jeld-Wen Custom Wood Aluminum Exterior Trim Options

Paint and Stain Options

Elevate the look of your home with our customizable wood or aluminum clad windows and patio doors. Choose from a stunning selection of 27 exterior finishes and 12 interior finishes to perfectly complement your style. For added personalization, we offer custom colors and PVDF protection.

Jeld-Wen Custom Wood Interior Paint and Stain Options
Jeld-Wen Custom Wood Exterior Cladding Color Options

Hardware Options

Jeld-Wen Window Hardware Options

Craft Your Dream Patio: Discover JELD-WEN Patio Door Selections

JELD-WEN presents an extensive range of patio door systems, including folding, swinging, multi-slide, and sliding options. These doors are designed to enhance the beauty of your home, offering a blend of style and craftsmanship. Our diverse selection of sizes, exterior colors, copper finishes, and decorative options allows you to personalize your living space and create a unique look for your home.

Schedule a consultation with our design consultant today to explore the possibilities for your home transformation.

Folding Patio Door: Our folding patio door systems function like an accordion, with each section sliding along an overhead track and folding away neatly to provide complete access to both indoor and outdoor spaces. To suit different openings, we offer a range of door configurations, spanning from two to eight panels, depending on the width of the opening.

Swinging Patio Door: Enhance your home’s appeal with French or center-swinging patio doors. These doors pivot on side hinges, swinging in or out to suit your preference. Crafted with the same design as our windows, they maintain architectural consistency for a cohesive look.

Sliding Patio Door: Our wood sliding patio doors blend modern style with classic warmth. They slide smoothly on tracks at the top and bottom, making outdoor access a breeze. You can choose between two-panel designs or opt for three or four panels for larger openings.

Jeld-Wen Custom Wood Swining Patio Door

Exterior Color Options

Jeld-Wen Custom Wood Patio Door Exterior Color Option 1

Interior Color Options

Jeld-Wen Custom Wood Patio Door Interior Color Options

Window Hardware Options

Explore our hardware options; the selections highlighted below provide a glimpse into our extensive range.

To explore all options, book a consultation with our experts.

Jeld-Wen Harleston Patio Door Hardware

Harleston™ Swinging Door Handle

Jeld-Wen Harleston Patio Door Hardware

Harleston™ Sliding Door Handle

Jeld-Wen Whitby Patio Door Hardware

Whitby™ Swinging Door Handle

Hardware Color Options

Jeld-Wen Custom Wood Patio Door Hardware Color Options
Wood windows

Custom Wood Windows

“Discover the possibilities of Jeld-Wen Custom Wood windows with our full catalog.

What Our Customers are Saying

Great Job Folks, Thanks to the entire crew for a job well done! Our windows and sliding glass door were Manufactured, Transported & Installed by a team of fantastic professionals! The quality of service was excellent and the quality of the product installed is magnificent worth every penny! Our home is warm and cozy we are happily saving energy.

Miranda D.

Our salesman and lead installer demonstrated extreme knowledge in the “infinity” line of windows. Installation of four windows went smoothly in one day. They made sure the windows opened easily before they left and were through with cleanup. Thanks

Peralta F.

The door was recommended by my son and they followed through on the most beautiful door. I was extremely satisfied that they finished it off so fast. The facing around the door looks really good. I used to have a drape pulled across the door but I threw it away because it’s a beautiful door and I like looking at it every day.

- Patty Thorne, El Cajon CA