Vinyl vs. Ultrex

ULTREX® Windows VS All Other Windows

Ultrex® Beats all Competitors


The comparison chart above is created by Stork Technimet Corporation, an independent unbias testing facility. This test shows that Infinity from Marvin’s ULTREX® far outperforms the competition in every category.

References: Stork Technimet/Testing Corporation: #0602-15293, #0512-14889, #0704-19702, #TCT006638P. Precision Measurements and Instruments Corporation: #13043-DS. Tecton: # ESP010521P, “Test Results for Fibrex and Ultrex®.” Plastics Engineering Handbook of the Society of Plastics Industry, Inc. Fifth Edition. Andersen Fibrex Manual: “A High Performance, High-Value Biofiber Polymer Composite Technology.” Renewal By Andersen®: “Fibrex Material: A Better Alternative, A Better Window.” LD = Longitudinal Direction * Highest rate of thermal conductivity shown. Test results range from .10 – .13 for vinyl/wood composite (Fibrex) and .09 – .12 for Ultrex®.

What is the Best Replacement Windows Material for Me? 

Ultrex Strong as Steel

Infinity Ultrex Color Options


Ultrex® Frames Strong as Steel

The Material You Choose for your windows and doors will have impacts far into the future.

Your window and door choice affects your energy efficiency, the security of your home, even the quality of your life. It’s not a decision that should be made lightly. Our advice? Study the facts and choose wisely

Vinyl & Vinyl/Wood Composite (FIBREX®)

Vinyl has a high rate of expansion and contraction compared to glass. This can lead to seal failures and stress cracks. Some vinyl/wood composites are 60% vinyl infused with wood fibers and struggle from similar performance issues as their vinyl counterparts.

Ultrex® Pultruded Patented Windows

Infinity windows and doors are built with Ultrex®, a highly durable, state-of-the-art, pultruded material with acrylic capping. This pioneering technology benefits from 20 years of proven performance in the field.

Ultrex® Windows are Made From Sand

Ultrex® Has Many Different Colors Finish Options. But they’re all Green.

Made from a safe and natural resource. ULTREX® Windows are made from silica sand, one of the strongest & most abundant natural resources in the world – The ULTREX® manufacturing facilities fully comply with the 1990 Clean Air Act and are designated as a Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) facility as outlined by the EPA.


Ultrex® Thermal Expansion


Let’s now compare what happens with ULTREX® frames. ULTREX® expands and contracts almost the same as the glass. When the 4.6 glass heats up it expands toward the ULTREX® frame 4.0, which is strong as steel and unmovable. The result is a frame as strong as steel with a thin, elegant design that provides more viewable glassThis means that our windows and doors stay tight and true even after extreme temperature swings. ULTREX® expands at virtually the same rate as glass and maintains a tight seal, so it’s resistant to leaks, seal failures, and stress cracks that can compromise energy efficiency and long-term performance.

Vinyl has a 30.0 expansion when it heats up, so it expands 8 times more than the glass surrounds, pulling away from the glass and causing ceil failure. Vinyl can crack, peel, chip, and fade under the heat and cold changes daily. When a vinyl window is installed, contractors must leave up to a 1/4 inch gap between the frame and a vinyl window because a vinyl window frame must have the room to expand and contract under the heat and cold if they did not leave that gap of air the vinyl window would warp and even explode when it expands into the frame. Plastic bends, warps, cracks, and fades it is a fact.


Vinyl vs. Ultrex®

Comparing ULTREX® Window Frames to Vinyl Window Frames. Sliding Doors, French doors and Bi-Fold Doors require large amounts of heavy glass, your frames must stay true and be strong enough to support all that heavy glass. Southern California temperatures can start off at 40 degrees and reach up to 110 degrees on the same day.

Vinyl frames expand and contract bend and warp with the changing heat and cold temperatures of everyday conditions, potentially causing the vinyl to chip, peel, bend and fade making vinyl windows difficult to open and close and affecting they’re all-around performance.

Expansion & Contraction Comparison

The glass expands at a rate of 4.6 the vinyl frames expand at a rate of 30 which is 652% more than the glass. So as the different materials expand at different rates the vinyl expands 652% more than the glass, the frames pull away from the glass which eventually will cause ceil failure in your windows, the argon gas leaks out and your windows are no longer energy efficient. Remember this happens every day they expand in the heat and contract in the cold with the daily temperature changes. In this engineer specification sheet above, you can see the different rates in which each material expands and contracts. ULTREX® outperforms all other materials hands down.


Compare Vinyl vs. Ultrex®

This photo is a competitor’s new vinyl window frame photo before the installation. View the bad corner welds, the bulky frames, and the poor finish. This is something you clearly want to avoid.

Better Replacement Windows

Simply put, our thin frames makes Infinity from Marvin the most Elegant Replacement Window in the US. Infinity from Marvin replacement windows is Rated # 1 in 2019 by JD Powers and associates in Customer Satisfaction with window and patio door manufacturing brands. As you compare Infinity from Marvin ULTREX® windows to other manufacturers and other window frame materials, you will discover why Infinity from Marvin’s ULTREX® windows is the right choice for every home.

Why our Replacement Windows BEAT All Competitors

We make the strongest window replacement frames with the most elegant finish. Our thick even acrylic finish is free from pinholes, striations, and imperfections and will resist scratches, fading, and chalking to retain its original beauty. Manufactured from a patented ULTREX pultruded process with a patterned acrylic finish, Infinity from Marvin’s ULTREX® Windows are as STRONG AS STEEL, 8 times stronger than vinyl window frames and 3 times stronger than composite window frames like Fibrex. Proprietary ULTREX® finish is the highest rated in the industry the first and the only one to have achieved AAMA 624 verification. Our finish performs so well we offer dark colors like black without fear of UV degradation or fading to keep your windows looking beautiful for decades to come. ULTREX finish is the highest rated in the industry, the first and the only one to have achieved AAMA 624 verification. Our finish performs so well we offer ULTREX also carries the best energy efficiency ratings in the replacement window industry

Our Replacement Windows are Just More Beautiful

Instead of bulky wide and unappealing frames with an unfinished corners, we offer thin, elegant frames that are built for life. If you compare our beautiful finish to all other window frames, you can see the difference in the manufacturing quality, the gorgeous design, the smoothly welded corners, and the ultimate sleek finish. You can choose from 7 interior and exterior color options and 8 wood grain options.

A Finish that Resists Fading

Want long-term color retention in a variety of styles? Ultrex® uses an acrylic finish that is paintable, fade-resistant and virtually maintenance-free. With a finish that’s 3 times thicker than competitive options, Ultrex® resists chipping, denting or peeling.

RBA Fibrex vs. Infinity Ultrex

Vinyl—Bulkier Frame, Less Viewable Glass

Vinyl can warp and shift under everyday conditions — potentially making vinyl windows difficult to open and close and affecting their all-around performance. Ultrex® resists sticking, swelling, and warping so Infinity windows and doors will continue to easily open and close.

Vinyl frames must be manufactured thicker wider, bulkier in order to support the heavyweight of the glass. Because vinyl needs thicker wider frames in order to support the heavy dual-pane glass the result is more frame and less viewable glass.

Ultrex® vs. Wood

Wooden windows offer classic beauty that, depending on the environment, can require maintenance and care. Infinity windows capture the beautiful details and profiles of wood — without the maintenance.


Ultrex® Mire Viewable Glass Thin Sleek Frame

More view for your money

ULTREX® not only provides unmatched durability compared to other window replacement materials, but it also makes a lasting impression both inside and out. From narrower profiles that deliver bigger views and more daylight to color options that resist fading, Ultrex® simply delivers.

Because ULTREX® is so strong, we actually use less material in Infinity window frames. That means you get more daylight, more view of the outside, more glass, without bulky materials obstructing your view. We pay extra attention to the details that matter — like our clean, non-welded, corners that let you make the most of your beautiful view.

ULTREX® exclusive patented frames are as strong as steel so they are thinner sleeker and more elegant which results in more viewable glass with a sleeker frame.

RBA Fibrex vs. Infinity Ultrex

Ultrex® Stays True

ULTREX® windows are as strong as steel, our frames are manufactured thinner, trimer, and sleeker because they are strong. Thinner, sleeker frames result in more viewable glass.

ULTREX® expands at a 4.0 virtually the same rate as glass, at a 4.6 so our windows stay tight and true. This makes Infinity windows resistant to leaks, seal failures, and stress cracks that can compromise energy efficiency and long-term performance.

Compared to other materials, Ultrex® is the strongest window framing material in the replacement industry. This means Ultrex® resists bending and flexing — that’s confidence Fibrex® and vinyl simply can’t match.

Infinity from Marvin ULTREX Brochure

ULTREX® not only provides unmatched durability compared to other window replacement materials, but it also makes a lasting impression both inside and out. From narrower profiles that deliver bigger views and more daylight to color options that resist fading, ULTREX® simply delivers.


What Our Customers are Saying

Great Job Folks, Thanks to the entire crew for a job well done! Our windows and sliding glass door were Manufactured, Transported & Installed by a team of fantastic professionals! The quality of service was excellent and the quality of the product installed is magnificent worth every penny! Our home is warm and cozy we are happily saving energy.

Miranda D.

Our salesman and lead installer demonstrated extreme knowledge in the “infinity” line of windows. Installation of four windows went smoothly in one day. They made sure the windows opened easily before they left and were through with cleanup. Thanks

Peralta F.

The door was recommended by my son and they followed through on the most beautiful door. I was extremely satisfied that they finished it off so fast. The facing around the door looks really good. I used to have a drape pulled across the door but I threw it away because it’s a beautiful door and I like looking at it every day.

- Patty Thorne, El Cajon CA