Bow & Bay Windows

Bow: An Architectural Look

Bay vs Bow Window

Bay window vs Bow window. Infinity Bow windows, like Bay windows, extend outward from the exterior wall - allowing you to enhance the basic architectural look of your home. The Infinity Bow window offers an easy way to expand your views and open up a room. The gentle curve can be created with four, five, or six wide assemblies of Casement windows. Bow replacement windows can either be tied into the existing roof under the soffit system of the home or have their own custom hip roof incorporated atop the window.

Marvin Bow windows and Bay windows have a lot of glass and are heavy windows, so your frames need to stay strong and true. Other materials will expand contract, and warp away from the glass with the heat and the cold, which results in ceil failure.

Ultrex is a pultruded fiberglass patented material pioneered by Marvin Windows. Our Ultrex frames are as Strong as Steel, eight times stronger than Vinyl Frames, and three times stronger than aluminum.

Ultrex frames will not warp, bend, crack, or peel. Infinity from Marvin ads another special feature to all window frames, a patented Acrylic finish applied to the inside and outside of the frames. This will protect the beautiful Infinity from Marvin Gliding Window finish from chipping, peeling, scratching, or fading from the harsh California sun.

Bay: Interest and Drama

Create interest and add drama to any room with the simple combination of three windows set into the Infinity Bay Window. From a small sunlit area for plants to an expansive reading nook, the Infinity Bay Window replacement will complement any area of your home beautifully.

Bay and Bow windows accentuate the architecture of your home by extending out from the exterior wall and expanding your room from the interior. Bay windows installation usually consists of a center fixed or picture window with two flanking operable windows on both sides that angle back toward the main wall. Bays either tie back into the home under the existing soffit system or incorporate their own hip roof system - this makes bay windows easily customizable to your architectural taste.

Bay Features

  • 1-1/4″ furniture grade veneer is standard in the construction of the head, seat boards, and jambs.
  • Head and seat boards in oak or birch veneer finish each window and are ready for painting or staining.
  • 3″ pre-insulated seat board option helps increase energy savings.
  • Slimline reinforced mullion design provides superior strength and support for the selected components.
  • Bay and bow windows are available in white or beige with optional light oak, dark oak or cherry woodgrain interior finishes.

Bow Features

  • Head and seat boards are available in Bare Pine or optional Oak to allow for staining or painting to match your home's interior
  • Slimline reinforced mullion design provides superior strength and support for the selected components.
  • Exterior roof system available with copper or painted aluminum roof clad kits.

Bay Window Sizes

Kitchen Bay window prices along with Bay window installation cost are determined by the size of the window. Both Bay and Bow windows sizes range from small of about 3 ft x 3 ft. to a large bay is about 10 ft x 6 ft.

When deciding on the size of a replacement bay window, it's important to consider the size of the room that it's going in and what the window will be used for. Due to the size of many Bay and Bow windows, not every room in your home will work for a Bay or Bow window installation. Some sections of the wall may need to be reinforced more than others because they bear more weight from the house. For the best replacement windows call us today.

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