Everything you Need to Know About Ultrex Strength by Marvin Windows

When it comes to window replacements, homeowners look for a window brand that offers quality, style, and reliability. All of this can be found in Ultrex Strength by Marvin Windows. They come in a wide variety of styles and models, which can also be customized to fit your unique needs. In today’s blog, we will go over everything you need to know about Ultrex Strength by Marvin Windows and why they’re your top choice.

About Marvin Windows

Marvin Windows has been in the window industry for decades-making it one of the top leaders in terms of quality and innovation. Windows made by Marvin feature Ultrex, one of the most revolutionary materials in the market today. But what makes Ultrex so special? Why is it considered a game-changer? Keep on reading to find out.

Marvin Infinity Ultrex windows were pioneered more than 20 years ago by Marvin. These windows provide a long-lasting, tough, smart, and worry-free product. The material does not fade in color or warp with time as it’s sturdier than vinyl. This makes it virtually maintenance-free!

Which Ultrex Window is Ideal for my Home?

Window shoppers typically look for window replacements that preserve the appearance or style of their home. Ultrex Marvin windows are available in many styles, making it easy to preserve the look of your home—or give it a fresh look with a different style. Whether you want something modern, vintage, or minimalist, you can find just the style you desire with these beautiful windows.

Ultrex: What is it Made of?

Ultrex is composed of protruded fiberglass, which is covered with a patented acrylic cap to maintain its unique color. These glass cables may be thin, but are really strong as they are compounded with resins that make for a more durable material. These custom windows are cut to the size of your window openings using a diamond-edged blade. It’s rigid, but in a good way—your windows will have a perfect fit that will make them last a very long time. This makes your windows nearly indestructible!

Energy Efficiency

Besides being eight times stronger than its vinyl counterpart, Ultrex is three times thicker than that of its competitors. Additionally, compared to aluminum, Ultrex is 5,000 times less conductive! This means less heat transfer and a more comfortable home temperature! During the winter, the sunlight will be allowed in, but the summer sun will be reflected away from your home. It’s an effective and consistent way to keep your energy bill down and your interior temperature at an ideal level! Another excellent benefit of Ultrex strength by Marvin windows is that it expands at the same rate as the glass. As a result, these Marvin Windows remain tight—making them resistant to:

● Stress cracks

● Seal failures

● Leaks

Get Marvin Infinity Ultrex Windows with Veracity

With Marvin Infinity Ultrex windows, you can be sure that nothing will compromise the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. These windows offer superior performance that can’t be compared to that of vinyl or similar competition products. We hope this blog helped give you a nice summary of everything you need to know about Ultrex Strength by Marvin Windows. If you’re ready to replace your windows and provide your family with the best widow option currently available in the market, give Veracity Window & Door a call at (951) 846-6256, or click here to get a FREE quote!