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Design Consultation

Meeting with our Desing Consultant

Our design consultants will provide complete consultation to determine your specific needs — including climate considerations and other factors. They will answer all your questions and provide a detailed, custom project quote based on your specifications.

During our visit, you'll find your Veracity design consultant is easy to work with, knowledgeable, and willing to spend time answering all your questions. Window and/or door styles, materials, and features may be reviewed depending on your project. They will also walk you through options that best suit your home style and project budget, and maximize your views while upgrading your home.

Once you've selected a window and/or door option that's just right for you, our consultant will prepare a straightforward proposal for you to review. (If you'd like to learn more about our financing options, just ask your consultant!)

We understand that we are a guest in your home, and believe in a no-hassle, no-pressure, no-gimmick approach. High customer satisfaction is achieved when all details are managed, and a job well done starts here.


How to get a perfect window fit every time

Our double-check process ensures that every job has a perfect measurement every time. Our professional technician double-checks every measurement of every opening to review your entire order, verifying every window has a perfect fit. Your windows will then be built to your exact needs and measurements. Your window and/or door replacement upgrade is a wise investment - not only for the increased value of your home but also for the energy efficiency and cost-saving potential that will result! Our consultant will be able to review cost-saving ideas, incentives or payment plans available to help you get the project you need or want.

We pride ourselves on providing an all-inclusive solution for our clients. Our proposal will include every cost necessary to complete your work to the exact specifications requested, and our team will walk you through each detail of your project.

We offer two types of installation process's

Full-frame replacement

If you have concerns about water or structural damage, full-frame replacement is the appropriate installation method. During a full-frame installation project, the entire window and trim are removed and replaced. Full-frame replacement is also used for new window styles or enlarging your existing opening for a bigger view

Insert replacement

Insert replacement is an efficient approach if your existing window frames are in good condition and you only need to replace your sash and hardware. Our insert solution installs directly into your existing window frame with no disruption to existing trim, interior walls or exterior siding.

Installation professionals will remove and dispose of your old windows, and replace them with your custom Infinity windows.

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