Picture Windows

Fixed Picture: Framing Your Scenery

A Picture Window is Worth a Thousand Words

A picture window gets its name because it is designed to provide a clear view of your surroundings, acting as a picture frame for the scenery outside. A fixed double pane picture window is non-operating units and provides no ventilation.

The Infinity® picture window can be designed as a stand-alone unit, a centerpiece in combination with other windows, or as an accent window adjacent to another window (sometimes referred to as a transom). Larger windows are sometimes designed for optimum views, and, if the glass is affixed directly to the frame, it is referred to as a "direct set" picture window.


What better way to view your beautiful front or back yard than with the elegance of a picture window replacement? Old Mother Nature truly takes on a whole new meaning when Infinity's fabulous slim frame picture window brings the view to life.

Alone or combined with other windows, a picture window with side windows is another fantastic way to bring the gorgeous scenery of the outdoors into your home. Also, because it is a fixed picture window, their unmovable stationary design makes them, even more, energy efficient and allows for much larger sizes than a venting window


Make your living room brighter and feel larger with a new beautiful living room picture window. You can use a combination rectangular or square windows with other unique shapes like triangles to create a wonderful wall of light and a custom look for your home.

Large Picture Windows for Sale

There is no better way to open up a kitchen than with a new kitchen picture window. Because Infinity from Marvin window frames is as strong as steel they are able to support the weight of larger picture window sizes.

From a standard 48x48 picture window to a larger 72x48 picture window and even custom picture windows Infinity from Marvin is the right choice for your home. If you are looking to truly enhance the beauty and curb appeal of your home we suggest a picture window with grids. You can choose from any of our grid patterns or pick a custom pattern of your own.

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