Vinyl vs. Fiberglass: Making the Right Choice for Your Window Replacement with Veracity Window and Door

Vinyl vs. Fiberglass: Making the Right Choice for Your Window Replacement with Veracity Window and Door

As a leading window replacement company in Southern California and an authorized dealer of Infinity from Marvin, Veracity Window and Door is committed to guiding homeowners through the process of selecting the best materials for their window replacement needs. In today’s market, two of the most popular materials are vinyl and fiberglass. Each has its advantages and limitations, and understanding these can help you make an informed decision for your home.

The Vinyl Window Option

Introduced in the 1970s as a lower-cost alternative to wood, vinyl windows have been known for their affordability and claims of low maintenance. However, vinyl windows have some drawbacks, including a tendency to expand, contract, dent, and warp under varying temperatures. These challenges can lead to structural and thermal performance issues, potentially requiring more frequent replacements. Additionally, vinyl windows often have larger frame and sash profiles, which can reduce the amount of natural light and obstruct views.

The Superiority of Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass windows have emerged as a robust alternative, boasting greater strength and resilience than vinyl. They offer minimal maintenance, improved energy efficiency, and are generally more cost-effective than wood windows. Among fiberglass options, Infinity from Marvin’s Ultrex® fiberglass stands out for its exceptional qualities.

Introducing Infinity from Marvin’s Ultrex® Fiberglass

Ultrex® fiberglass, a unique pultruded fiberglass composite developed by Marvin, sets Infinity windows and doors apart. This material is eight times stronger than vinyl and three times stronger than wood/vinyl composites, supporting up to 34,000 pounds. This impressive strength allows for narrower frames, larger glass areas, and more sunlight.

The Thermal Stability of Ultrex®

One of the key advantages of Ultrex® fiberglass is its thermal stability. It expands 87% less than vinyl, ensuring that windows and doors stay tight even in extreme temperature swings. This low thermal expansion rate means Infinity windows made with Ultrex® are more resistant to leaks and seal failures, offering longevity and enduring performance.

The Aesthetic Advantage of Ultrex® Fiberglass

Beyond strength, Ultrex® fiberglass excels in aesthetic appeal. Infinity’s proprietary acrylic finish is three times thicker and smoother than the competition, offering enhanced resistance to scratching and denting. This finish performs exceptionally well, allowing us to offer darker colors without the risk of UV degradation or fading.

Why Choose Infinity from Marvin through Veracity Window and Door

At Veracity Window and Door, we believe that replacing your windows is a decision that should be made with longevity in mind. Our partnership with Infinity from Marvin and their Ultrex® fiberglass windows provides homeowners with a solution that combines strength, beauty, and performance.

Our Commitment to Quality and Service

As your local Infinity from Marvin dealer, we at Veracity Window and Door are dedicated to delivering a seamless replacement experience from consultation to installation. We ensure that each window is precisely measured, expertly installed, and beautifully complements your home.

Start Your Window Replacement Journey with Us

Choosing the right material for your window replacement is something that impacts the comfort, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal of your home. If you’re considering upgrading your windows in Southern California, turn to Veracity Window and Door for quality service and expert guidance. Contact us at (877) 859-7043 to explore our range of Infinity from Marvin fiberglass windows and begin your journey towards a more beautiful, efficient, and comfortable home.