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About this Project

At Veracity Window & Door, we take pride in transforming homes with high-quality window and door installations. Our recent project in Newport Coast, CA, is a testament to our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. This comprehensive project involved the installation of 45 Infinity Windows and six Outswing Marvin Ultimate patio doors with 3-inch stiles, enhancing the beauty, functionality, and energy efficiency of this stunning coastal property.

Project Overview

The homeowners in Newport Coast sought to upgrade their residence with premium windows and patio doors that offered superior performance and aesthetic appeal. They chose Veracity Window & Door for our expertise and reputation for delivering top-notch installations. Our team meticulously planned and executed the project, ensuring every detail met the highest standards.

Infinity Windows Installation

We installed 45 Infinity Windows, renowned for their durability, energy efficiency, and sleek design. These windows are crafted from Ultrex fiberglass, offering unmatched strength and longevity. The homeowners appreciated the expansive views and increased natural light that these windows provided, enhancing the overall ambiance of their home. Additionally, Infinity Windows are low-maintenance and resist warping, fading, and cracking, making them an ideal choice for coastal climates.

Marvin Ultimate Patio Doors Installation

The project also included the installation of six Outswing Marvin Ultimate patio doors with 3-inch stiles. These doors are designed to offer seamless indoor-outdoor living, perfect for the Newport Coast lifestyle. The 3-inch stiles provide a contemporary look while ensuring robust performance. Marvin Ultimate patio doors are known for their exceptional craftsmanship, energy efficiency, and security features. The homeowners were thrilled with the smooth operation and stylish appearance of these patio doors.


This Newport Coast project showcases Veracity Window & Door’s dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. The installation of Infinity Windows and Marvin Ultimate patio doors not only elevated the home’s aesthetics but also improved its energy efficiency and functionality. Contact Veracity Window & Door today to learn how we can enhance your home with our premium window and door solutions.