About this Project

Kitchen Patio Door and Window Replacement in Studio City, CA

Take a look at the upgrade made to the kitchen patio door and window for this home in Studio City, CA. This project’s focal point was replacing the older patio door with a new 2-panel sliding door with large glass panes. This modern door elevates the kitchen’s visual appeal with its sleek black exterior frame and contributes to the room’s energy conservation thanks to its advanced, energy-efficient design. The interior frame of the door boasts a brown, wood-like finish, perfectly blending with the kitchen’s warm and inviting décor while providing a seamless transition to the outdoor living space.

Complementing the patio door, the old slider window above the kitchen sink also underwent a transformation. It was replaced with a new awning window that enhances the kitchen’s ventilation and improves its energy efficiency. This new window features an interior frame that meticulously matches the interior frame of the new patio door, creating a cohesive and harmonious look within the kitchen. The awning window design allows for ventilation even during light rain, providing the kitchen with fresh air without compromising comfort or convenience.

The integration of these new installations significantly transformed the kitchen, making it a showcase of modern design and sustainability. The energy-efficient features of the 2-panel sliding door and awning window ensure that the space remains comfortable year-round, reducing energy costs and increasing the home’s overall value. The frame’s choice of materials and colors was carefully considered to complement the kitchen’s aesthetics, proving that functionality and design can go hand in hand.

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