Window Replacement Project in Huntington Beach, CA

About this Project

Window Replacement Project in Huntington Beach, CA

Check out this window replacement project we worked on in Huntington Beach, CA! The windows of this home were energy inefficient and unappealing. Replacing old windows provides an excellent opportunity to redesign your window layout and give your home some added taste! Older single-pane windows don’t offer a great deal of comfort. Sitting next to an old window often feels chilly or drafty during colder months. In the summer months, the harsh California sun makes rooms and surfaces very hot. However, with the new windows we installed for this home, the homeowners can enjoy many benefits, such as energy efficiency, boosted curb appeal, and superior comfort! We have serval color options available for you to choose from, including:

· Stone White

· Sierra

· Cashmere

· Pebble Gray

· Bronze

· Brown

· Ebony

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