Should you Make Your Window Replacement Project a Priority?

There are always going to be reasons to put off getting replacement windows in Southern California, and sometimes, homeowners choose to wait. They prioritize other home improvement projects that are considered more urgent. But there are times your home really needs new replacement windows, and you shouldn’t put off getting them. Here are a few cases when it is important to get replacement windows right away without waiting any longer. See if you can recognize those instances in your own home.

Your Windows Are Warped And Rotting

If you can visibly see that your windows are warped, or you can’t open and close them any longer, that’s not something that is ever going to go away. The only recourse is to get new replacement windows, and it’s best to do it right away. Windows that won’t open are a safety hazard, and if you can see the warping, you know there are huge air gaps killing your energy efficiency. Likewise, if you know there are soft spots in your window frames, that’s wood rot, and it’s only going to get worse. It might even move into your siding or other parts of your home, which you definitely don’t want.

There Are Broken Window Parts That Can’t Be Replaced

If your windows are old enough, there might be some parts that break down and can’t be replaced. Old window parts are hard to find, and when you do find them, they cost a lot. There are many that just are impossible to replace at all. If you have something that needs to be repaired or replaced and that’s not possible, it’s time for new windows.

You Don’t Like What Windows Look Like

If you prefer a different window color or you’d really like a different style, that can bug you about your home. But if the windows function decently, homeowners sometimes choose to wait to get new windows. Of course, you can start your replacement window project whenever you want, but why live with unsightly windows for longer than you have to. Windows might seem to be a minor part of your home design, but that is not true. You look at your windows all the time, and if you don’t like the look every time, you will wish you would get some new and beautiful replacement windows.

Replace Your Windows Instead of Attempting to Repair Them

Sometimes homeowners attempt a DIY repair on the old windows. While it may seem like a fun weekend project, it really isn’t. There are many things that can go wrong with the repair, and you will end up wasting your time and materials.

If you would like some advice on what replacement windows would work best for your Southern California house, contact replacement window experts at Veracity Window and Door. We provide free replacement window consultations, and we will come to your home for an assessment. We can evaluate your windows and offer advice as to the best way to replace them. It is always helpful to consult with honest window replacement experts who treat your home as if it were their own with their advice.