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Why Ultrex Replacement Windows are the Better Choice

Why Ultrex Replacement Windows are the Better Choice

If your goal is to reduce your energy costs and increase your comfort in the home, then replacing your cracked, old windows can go a long way.

Why Ultrex Replacement Windows are the Better Choice

If your goal is to reduce your energy costs and increase your comfort in the home, then replacing your cracked, old windows can go a long way. If you choose Ultrex windows, then those savings can be stretched even further. Replacement window experts here at Veracity Window and Door explain what makes Ultrex windows the best choice for your window replacement needs.

What Material is Ultrex?

Ultrex is specifically formulated to be used in window construction, and it is renowned for its strength and durability. One square inch of Ultrex can support 34,000 pounds! The material was created by Marvin Windows and Doors over 20 years ago and has since become the synonym of high quality in the world of replacement windows. Ultrex is far more flexible than vinyl and eight times stronger. So when you purchase Ultrex windows, you know your replacement windows will last for years without contracting, becoming distorted, warping, or cracking.

Why is Ultrex the Right Choice for Replacement Windows?

The acrylic finish adds to Ultrex windows’ natural durability and strength. Why acrylic finish? It is a superior choice compared to other finishes. Acrylic finish is much thicker, and it promotes longer color retention, major durability, and a beautiful look. Because of the acrylic finish, Ultrex windows feature beautiful darker frame colors that don’t fade and are not afraid of heat and UV degradation. Ultrex windows meet the American Architectural Manufacturer’s Association 624-10 “High-Performance Coatings” standard specifications. In fact, the replacement windows perform so well that they are the first to be third-party verified to meet the specifications.

How Do Ultrex Windows Compare to Vinyl Replacement Windows?

Vinyl windows are very popular, and in the last 20 years, big vinyl window manufacturers have been putting advertising campaigns aimed to make homeowners believe that plastic vinyl windows are the number one choice for your house. The selling points are that vinyl replacement windows are cheaper and are as well energy-efficient and durable. And this is the root of the problem. Vinyl windows are cheaper because vinyl is not the high-quality material that a house needs to endure the test of weather and time. Vinyl windows, while cheaper, are constructed in a way that just about ensures that they will warp fog and crack. Cheaper vinyl windows don’t do a good job insulating your home, meaning that your heating and air conditioning will escape through the seams of the windows. It’s just not worth it to install cheap windows on your house, which is your biggest investment. Select Ultrex windows, and they will help you take good care of your home.

How Can Ultrex Windows Help Lower My Energy Bill?

Unlike vinyl windows, which are sensitive to weather change, Ultrex windows are virtually weather-resistant, making them perfect for any climate. Ultrex windows are dual-paned and coated with a Low E finish, which allows sunlight to be trapped indoors during the winter, and excess heat to be released outside during the summer. With this innovative and Energy Star qualified window design, your heating costs could be reduced by up to 34%, and your cooling costs by up to 38%. Further, with an expansion rate similar to that of glass, Ultrex windows maintain resistance to leaks, seal failures, and stress cracks, meaning conditioned air stays inside the house. Investing in Ultrex windows creates lower future heating and cooling costs, as well as lower repair rates, making them the perfect choice for any home.

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