Window Types That Increase Energy Efficiency

Window Types That Increase Energy Efficiency 

Reaching maximum energy efficiency for your home is an achievable goal but can be challenging to reach. One way to begin is by choosing window types that increase energy efficiency. Everything from the glass of your windows to their frames affects thermal performance. And the window itself must be expertly installed for it to reach peak efficiency.

Certain window features impact energy efficiency that an efficiency label or sticker can’t explain easily. These types of windows each contain at least one characteristic that helps increase your home’s energy efficiency.

Double-Paned or Triple-Paned Windows 

Double-paned or triple-paned windows have two or three layers of glass with a sealed air space in between, which provides better insulation and reduces heat loss.

Window Types That Increase Energy Efficiency

Low-E Coated Windows 

These windows have a thin, transparent coating that reflects heat, ultraviolet, and infrared light but allow in visible light. In the winter, the windows reflect heat into your home to reduce heat loss; in the summer, blocking these elements reduces heat gain. You can choose from various types of Low-E glass to fit your climate and offer benefits to your home.

Gas-filled Windows 

In this window type, argon or krypton gas is filled between the panes to reduce heat transfer. The gas also adds another layer of insulation in combination with your multi-panes to further boost efficiency.

Tinted or Reflective Windows 

These windows can reduce heat gain by reflecting sunlight and absorbing heat. They help to limit the amount of heat that enters your home.

Window Types That Increase Energy Efficiency

Hinged Windows 

Hinged windows are designed for ventilation. With a crank or pull to close, air leakage rates are lower because the sash presses firmly against the frame. Awning and casement windows are hinged windows used for strategic ventilation or can be paired with picture windows to add functionality.

Fixed Windows 

Fixed windows are good for areas of your home that do not need ventilation. They do not offer any functionality, but when it comes to energy efficiency, that’s a good thing! Because you can’t open a picture window, you can’t break its airtight seal.

Install Energy-Efficient Windows with Veracity Window and Door

Overall, the type of window that will increase energy efficiency the most will depend on factors such as climate, building orientation, and window placement. It’s important to consider these factors when choosing your windows to ensure they provide the best energy efficiency for your home. At Veracity Window and Door, our experts can help you choose the best windows and provide reliable installation. Contact us at (800) 490-5041 or click here for a FREE quote!